Stockwell&Co Garden Fruit Tea


Stockwell&Co kert gyümölcsei izben 20 ps


Stockwell&Co Garden Fruit Flavor 20 ps


Stockwell&Co Градински плодов вкус 20 бр

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Stockwell & Co Garden Fruit Tea


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Hibiscus (33%), Blackberry, Apple (10%), Blackcurrant (10%), Rosehip (6%), Acidity regulator (citric acid), Flavors

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Preparation and Storage
Preparation and use
Preparation suggestion:
Use one filter per person and cup. Boil freshly drained cold water (200 ml), pour it over the tea filter and let it stand for about 5-8 minutes.

It retains its quality (month, year) until the end of the month indicated on the side of the box/item ID. Keep in a cool, dry place. After opening, store in an airtight container.