Dr Oetker – Instant Yeast 7g


Dr Oetker – Instant Yeast 7g

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Dr Oetker – Instant Yeast 7g


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Dr. Oetker Instant Yeast is the ideal dry yeast for sweet or savory yeast doughs. It can be easily stored, success is guaranteed with it, and it ensures the loose structure of yeast doughs.

Dr. Oetker Instant Yeast is a leavening and loosening agent that does not need to be stirred. The content of the bag is enough for 500 g of flour. In order to be sure of success, the amount of yeast should be slightly overestimated rather than underestimated.

So that you never miss it in your kitchen when you need it, you can also buy Dr. Oetker Instant Yeast in a pack of 3.


We inform our consumers that this product does not contain allergens or other ingredients that must be highlighted according to the law. The information indicated here is for informational purposes only, please check the allergens listed on the packaging when purchasing the product!


Energy 1658kJ
392 kcal
Fat 6
of which saturated fatty acids 1
Carbohydrate 36
of which sugars 0
Protein 48
Salt 3.80